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News by month 2020

From our founder Max Wolf

Hello wolves, below is a message from our founder
Max Wolf,

Well said by all leaders, there is nothing I can say that I can add that has not been already said, for the first time in history the world is now working together, Russia is now sending medical supplies to Italy, countries are all coming together, it’s sad that something like this had to pull the world together and act as one, I have had the opportunity to talk to Russia, Spain, USA, by amateur radio, and to hear the truth from its own people, is sadness, we all need to do our part, if you think this is big, it’s bigger than you know, maybe in some Strange way when this is over, and it will be, the world will learn to act as one, looking after each other, one can only hope, take care of yourself and others around you,
Max Wolf
Monday 23 March 2020

BC COVID-19 Symptom Self-Assessment Tool

BC COVID-19 Symptom Self-Assessment Tool
Sunday 22 March 2020
Saturday 21 March 2020

COVID-19 info for Albertans 03/21/20

The COVID-19 outbreak was declared a global pandemic by World Health Organization (WHO).




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  • Irish
    Irish  2 weeks ago

    Come on early Spring in Alberta!!!!! I hope all Wolves are doing well across the country. Good Morning from Fort McMurray.

  • Terry NPL
    Terry NPL  1 month ago

    No sorry at the moment the store is not up and running

  • Dano
    Dano  1 month ago

    Is the store still up and running?

  • Irish
    Irish  1 month ago

    I think i ll start the bike this weekend

  • Terry NPL
    Terry NPL  2 months ago

    yes hope soon

  • Lonewolf
    Lonewolf  2 months ago

    Welcome Coop! looking forward to riding with you someday.

  • BigD
    BigD  2 months ago

    Welcome Coop!

  • Coop
    Coop  2 months ago

    Happy New Year everyone! New to the club, looking forward to getting in a few rides with everyone! Thanks for the recommendation BigD

  • BigD
    BigD  2 months ago

    website is better Terry

  • BigD
    BigD  2 months ago

    Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas
    and have a great New Year