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CD on 3 months ago
Welcome Randawg next time I'm home i'll try to get to the main land, cheers
randawg on 3 months ago
I meant to say that " I'm from NS". Not all CLW's. Srry.
randawg on 3 months ago
Hey to all CLW members from Nova Scotia. Newbie here. Glad to be here...
CD on 3 months ago
Starting to see patches of what seems to be hibernating grass
Wabbit on 3 months ago
finally spring!!
CD on 4 months ago
Spring is in the air!!!
Terry on 4 months ago
Just wanted to ask everyone in our community to save the date for this fundraiser for Earl.
Earl has been a fixture at all of our events and bbq's for a very long time and is unfortunately very ill.
A benefit fundraiser is being held Saturday March 2, 2019 from 7 - 11 pm at the Sackville Legion. This event has been set up by family and friends and we of course want to support him and his family wholeheartedly.
Terry on 4 months ago
Terry on 4 months ago
thanks CD
CD on 4 months ago
I like the new column cool.
Unknown on 5 months ago
Hey Terry we sure will. Andrew from Edmonton is going for sure and still waiting on if i can get Wrabbit to come out to play.
Terry on 5 months ago
Hey Unknown I was just looking at the map of your route that looks like an awesome ride hopefully you can get some people up to going with you please keep me up-to-date love to meet you when you're down in the Abbotsford Vancouver area we will get the pack down there to come out and do a ride to meet up with you thanks again Terry
Unknown on 5 months ago

looking to do a ride leaving from Calgary June 16th if anybody is interested to ride along let me know
warlord on 6 months ago
Were is NB forum
Unknown on 7 months ago
How's it going
Thefarmlife on 8 months ago
Howdy all
Terry on 8 months ago
Hey Big D the store is up and running you cannot use the PayPal function as I have not set that up yet it's all done by e-transfer right now also I have not included the shipping cost as of yet but it's there for everybody to have a look if you want something from the store please get ahold of me thanks Terry
BigD on 8 months ago
i thought the store was up and running??
Unknown on 8 months ago
hello again from the Mac and its snow and cold.
Unknown on 9 months ago
Hello From Fort Mac!
Terry on 9 months ago
yes you did lol
Squeeks on 10 months ago
Hello brothers and sister finally figured this site out. Has been a crazy year
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