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News by month 2019


I did a major update to the website

Good day everybody as you can see I did a major update to the website lot of work on the back end there's still a few more issues and bugs that I have to resolve one doing in profiles how it's the colour needs to be fixed I will be building that this week also having an issue under the user section trying to pull up members names I will rebuild that section this weekend but these are the fixes to the back end on this last update

RIP Tammy By Fugawi

As you all know my wife Tammy passed away on October 4th I want to thank everybody for all the support and all the help they've given me without you guys I wouldn't be sitting here where I am today thank you from the bottom of my heart

New Update Done By Fugawi

Good evening as some of you may know I did a major update on the website the back of it I've added a new suction where every pack leader can add their own news now before this is done please get ahold of me and I will guide you through the first step of it I've also add picture gallery and every pack leader shortly will be able to upload their own pictures but please before you try to create news get ahold of me it's very easy Once I explain it to you thanks guys

Air Canada motorcycle shipping program is back!

Air Canada is running its discount program for motorcycle shipping again in 2018, and they’ve just determined the prices.




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  • John
    John  1 week ago

    says there is no information
    for that user as they are not registered at canadian lonewolves??

  • John
    John  3 weeks ago

    hello all

  • Breeze
    Breeze  4 weeks ago

    I was here

  • Ace
    Ace  1 month ago

    I was here !

  • Terry NPL
    Terry NPL  1 month ago

    Sorry Irish I deleted your post by accident please repost it

  • Terry NPL
    Terry NPL  1 month ago

    I am back in the game now

  • Irish
    Irish  2 months ago

    Hope the folks in Jasper have a safe ride and i wish i could have gone.

  • Irish
    CD  8 months ago

    Welcome Randawg next time I'm home i'll try to get to the main land, cheers

  • randawg
    randawg  8 months ago

    I meant to say that " I'm from NS". Not all CLW's. Srry.

  • randawg
    randawg  8 months ago

    Hey to all CLW members from Nova Scotia. Newbie here. Glad to be here...