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News by month 2020

Friday 15 May 2020

Good day to everyone hopefully everybody is staying safe

Good day to everyone hopefully everybody is staying safe and social distancing has each of our province have different protocols from the health office please follow their advice I also like to let you know are Poker Run set for June 13th 20/20 has been cancelled here in Vancouver Lower Mainland has lots of events have been cancelled we are going to try to reschedule our Poker Run later in the season so please stay tuned and most of all be safe thanks fugawi




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  • Caleb13RK
    Caleb13RK  15 hours ago

    Anyone in the grande prairie Alberta area?

  • Dahmoose
    Dahmoose  1 month ago

    At the moment the Port Alberni Toy Run has not been cancelled for sept 19/2020 I will update this if there is any change

  • Irish
    Irish  2 months ago

    Come on early Spring in Alberta!!!!! I hope all Wolves are doing well across the country. Good Morning from Fort McMurray.

  • Terry NPL
    Terry NPL  3 months ago

    No sorry at the moment the store is not up and running

  • Dano
    Dano  3 months ago

    Is the store still up and running?

  • Irish
    Irish  3 months ago

    I think i ll start the bike this weekend

  • Terry NPL
    Terry NPL  4 months ago

    yes hope soon

  • Lonewolf
    Lonewolf  4 months ago

    Welcome Coop! looking forward to riding with you someday.

  • BigD
    BigD  4 months ago

    Welcome Coop!

  • Coop
    Coop  5 months ago

    Happy New Year everyone! New to the club, looking forward to getting in a few rides with everyone! Thanks for the recommendation BigD