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News by month 2020

Monday 18 May 2020

Vancouver Island ride season is open!

Schedule of planned Sunday rides for the island pack.
Friday 15 May 2020

Good day to everyone hopefully everybody is staying safe

Good day to everyone hopefully everybody is staying safe and social distancing has each of our province have different protocols from the health office please follow their advice I also like to let you know are Poker Run set for June 13th 20/20 has been cancelled here in Vancouver Lower Mainland has lots of events have been cancelled we are going to try to reschedule our Poker Run later in the season so please stay tuned and most of all be safe thanks fugawi
Sunday 22 March 2020
Saturday 21 March 2020

COVID-19 info for Albertans 03/21/20

The COVID-19 outbreak was declared a global pandemic by World Health Organization (WHO).




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  • Terry NPL
    Terry NPL  20 mins ago

    Sunday July 05/ I am planning on being at Barnes around 10:30, probably leave by 11am. If anyone wants to join... no plans on where to go, but maybe decide when we meet.

  • Terry NPL
    Terry NPL  2 weeks ago

    yes let us know when you get out here

  • Wabbit
    Wabbit  2 weeks ago

    going to be in vancover july 2 if anyone wants to meet up with me andrew or clarence

  • Leprechaun
    Leprechaun  4 weeks ago

    Hello and thank you from GP AB. glad to be here. Is there any others in the peace region in among us?

  • Caleb13RK
    Caleb13RK  1 month ago

    Anyone in the grande prairie Alberta area?