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News by month 2020

May 31, 2020 Meet and Greet

01 Jun 2020 : 20:15  |  canadiangreywolf  |  Misc  |   0
Sunny Day ride for the V.I. Lonewolves!
On Sunday May 31st we had a planned ride to Port Alberni. Since most members lived that way we thought it might be good to make it an impromptu meet and greet. We had a total of 10 members show up in Port Alberni where we gathered and then rode out of town to a rest area out past Sproat Lake where we have gathered before. There were picnic tables where we spread out and had lunch. We had a good time although we did miss the members that were unable to attend. We plan on holding a meet and greet out doors so we can social distance on the last Sunday of each moth where we have rides scheduled anyways. We left there and headed back towards town and stopped for an ice cream. I'm starting to realize that our members here and on the mainland like their ice creams! Myself I'm trying to do a Keto or low carb thing so none for me. Not that I don't like ice cream just driving for a living you tend to get a pot belly. Once my close are not so tight I will be able to enjoy the odd ice cream again on a hot day. No worries you will never see me in a speedo I promise!

Enough about me!

From there we all decided to go our separate ways. Some of us had long rides home, others had a birthday ride to go to, others just needed to go home and rest!

It was a great time and thank you to every one that could make it out. Can't wait to see the rest of you through out the summer.





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  • Terry NPL
    Terry NPL  20 mins ago

    Sunday July 05/ I am planning on being at Barnes around 10:30, probably leave by 11am. If anyone wants to join... no plans on where to go, but maybe decide when we meet.

  • Terry NPL
    Terry NPL  2 weeks ago

    yes let us know when you get out here

  • Wabbit
    Wabbit  2 weeks ago

    going to be in vancover july 2 if anyone wants to meet up with me andrew or clarence

  • Leprechaun
    Leprechaun  4 weeks ago

    Hello and thank you from GP AB. glad to be here. Is there any others in the peace region in among us?

  • Caleb13RK
    Caleb13RK  1 month ago

    Anyone in the grande prairie Alberta area?