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CLW Friends for life

24 Aug 2020 : 19:16  |  Flash  |  Misc  |   
Skids gets his CLW Friends for life patch!
On Sunday we did a ride to Salt Spring Island. It was a small group but it was a fun ride. We were glad to have a friend of mine join us the ride. He told me and he truly enjoyed himself and the people he met. He is looking forward to riding with us again. Next Sunday we are having a brown bag outdoors meet and greet in Lantville. One of our members is heading off to work for a month and wont be able to make it. Kerry (Skids) Jordan had recently donated blood and as far as we know it was his. Since he won't be able to attend the meet and greet Moose decided we should present him with his CLW Friends For Life Patch. Congrats Skids and stay safe! Looking forward to seeing you when you get back home.