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News by month 2021

V.I. Meet and Greet

30 Aug 2020 : 22:04  |  Flash  |  Misc  |   
Meet and Greet Lantzville Park
Meet and Greet Lantzville Park
Moose and I would like to thank everyone that found the time to come out to the Meet and Greet in Lantville today. There seems to be a small core group that makes it out to most of the scheduled events. We really wish we could figure a way to get more to come out because we always have a good time no matter where we go. Where ever you were I hope you had a good day!
So today we finalized the treasure hunt by giving everyone that joined in a PARTICIPATION ribbon. Id like to congratulate Giggles who was the top point earner. I must say I saw a totally different side of her during this competition. Do not stand in her way! Her husband Kerry can attest to that lol. Giggles was given a $50.00 Weavers gift certificate thanks to the great people at Weavers Leathers!
Moose was the runner up and I believe that Giggles almost ran him over a couple times for getting in her way. Moose made a good effort but still fell short. Moose being the most tech person in the group won a Google Home Mini. He will have to find someone that has a 10 year old that they can lend him to set it up.
Honorable mentions go to Ripper in 3rd, Skids in 4th and Viking cough cough in last.
Thank you all for participating!
Next off Moose was given a trophy for doing the most riding this summer. Congratulations to IRONBUTT!
And last but not least it was great to see Slider aka Phyllis out today doing well after her surgery. She received a trophy for putting the least miles on her bike this year although not her fault. She had been looking forward to a few of the rides this. She was awarded the POSER award.
Thanks again to everyone that made it out today and hope to see you all next Sunday when we go to MT. Washington!