Canadian Lonewolves Independent Riders

 Code of Conduct

The following list of issues have been reviewed by members of the National and Provincial Pack Leaders and the following guidelines have been decided.

Some variations may occur from Province to Province and your Pack Leader and Assistant Pack Leader will discuss these guidelines with you in detail.

Please note that updates may be added as required.

For Reference. CLW = Canadian Lonewolves,  NPL = National Pack Leader, ANPL = Assistant National Pack Leader, PL = Pack Leader ( Provincial), APL = Assistant Pack Leader (Provincial)


Anyone choosing not to comply with this Code of Conduct will be required to remove their Back Patch Kit and return those items promptly to their Pack Leader (PL). They will lose all rights as a CLW member and be removed from the National Website and other social media sites.

Any abuse physical or verbal as well as Improper and unwanted touching of a member or guest by another member or guest, will not be tolerated.  Such actions will result in removal from the Pack.

All concerns are to be directed to your PL, APL or liaison .

Only PLs and APLs may direct their concern’s to NPL's, With the exception of serious matter’s not resolved after meeting with your PL or APL.  Then you may contact any member of the national team under the "contact us" section on the website.  We will get back to you in a reasonable amount of time depending on time zones.  Abuse of this avenue of communication will not be tolerated.


There will be zero tolerance for personal attacks or implied negative comments to or about a fellow member or guest. If you have an issue with any member of the CLW or guest, contact your PL or APL.

Mediation, in person or by phone will happen, at the earliest convenience of all included parties.  Social media is not the venue to act out your negative feelings.

Noncompliance with this will result in removal from the pack.


To allow all members access to  the information needed to make plans and help with attendance, all CLW events, rides, dinners and meetings are to be posted on the following sites:

Canadian Lonewolves website.

Canadian Lonewolves Facebook page for your Province or area.

Social media sites containing all or partially all CLW members.

Last minute ride and coffee meets are excluded.

 Administrators of the sites have the right to delete or edit postings, if necessary.


Anyone may host a ride.

A Road Captain can be any member who wishes to take on that responsibility.  This includes planning your route, current weather conditions, knowing your riders' experience levels, the smallest gas tank, along with any health conditions or allergies that can cause harm or death in picking a food/rest stop. Road Captains are responsible for providing a safe and enjoyable ride for everyone.

Riders, in turn are expected to make sure your Road Captain knows your level of experience, medical conditions, allergies or anything that affects your riding ability. Riders are expected to ride within the limits of their abilities and experience.  No showing off. Riding while over the legal limit of alcohol or under the influence of narcotics endangers all riders. You will be removed as a member of the pack.

It is of the utmost importance that all CLW members and guests understand and respect each other.


Anyone hoping to join CLW must do the following.

1. You must have a valid motorcycle license, along with a working,  inspected, registered and insured motorcycle with a minimum one year’s riding experience and a rider training course unless you are a pillion rider. Pillion riders that are already patched, who decide to obtain their motorcycle license at a later date, must obtain permission from their PL before being permitted to ride in large groups. Potential members who have belonged to or were prospects for another MC or RC must be in good standing with their former club to be considered for membership with CLW.

2. Sign up to the website.

3. Read and thoroughly understand the "what we stand for" page.

4. Read and agree to be bound by the CLW code of conduct.

5. Following that you will be contacted, within a reasonable time line depending on time of year and previous commitments, by your PL or APL.

6. You will be added to our e-mail list and invited to join our events

7. After your attendance at coffee meetings, meet and greets, rides and events, during a period of not less than three months, depending on the riding season,  you may chose if the CLW is a good fit for you and we may decide if you are a good fit for the CLW.

8. Presentation of Back Patch Kit to new members will be at discretion of the PL and APL preferably at a CLW event.


      Upon receiving your prepaid set of Back Patch, CLW tag and Independent Rider tag, you are to sign a form so you agreeing that the contents of the Kit are the property of the Canadian Lonewolves         The fee that you are paying is for leasing and not for ownership. If for any reason you decide to leave CLW or are removed, the Back Patch Kit, and the two smaller tags are to be returned promptly to    your PL, APL or NPL. They are not to be sold or given to any other person at any time in the future.

The contents of your set are in no way to be duplicated, copied or changed in any way as they are trademarked.

You are being presented with the set in good faith and you are to take proper care of these items and replace them if damaged from neglect, at your own cost.


If you are unfamiliar with 1% clubs, please talk to your PL or APL. It is important that everyone understands how 1% clubs operate and the rules that they follow.

Meetings have been held between the CLW and the 1% Clubs to clarify the positive presence of the CLW in the motorcycle world.   It has been clearly stated that we are in good standing with them.

Always be respectful and polite to them, so that the CLW will receive the same in return.  Also, for clarification, our female members hold equally standing as our male members with the 1% clubs.

The Canadian Lone Wolves position with respect to the 1% Clubs are as follows.

 We respect all 1% clubs.

 We encourage CLW members to support public charity events that they host

        Acceptance Form for CLW Members to receive Back Patch Kit

        Upon receiving your prepaid Back Patch Kit, CLW tag and Independent Rider tag; you are required to sign this form.

        You are acknowledging your understanding that the contents of the Set remain the property of the Canadian Lonewolves.

        The fee is to lease your Set from the Canadian Lonewolves.

        If for any reason, you decide to leave or are removed from the coalition, the 4 piece Patch Set are to be promptly returned to your PL, APL, or NPL.

        The contents of your Patch Set are Trademarked. They are not to be duplicated, copied or altered in anyway. They are not to be sold or given to any other person, at any time in the future.

        You are being presented with the Patch Set in good faith and you are required to take proper care of these items and replace them if damaged from neglect at your own cost.

  you singn up here is your proof of agreement to the above terms.