In April of 2011 the Canadian Lonewolves joined the Partners for Life program. We are starting our fifth year committed to this program What a year 2014 was for the Lonewolves commitment to Canadian Blood Services our final year end total was 136 donations, giving a four year total of 361 donations. Since Ronald Blackburn signed the Lonewolves up to Partners for Life every year we have increased our donations. In 2011 we had 55 donations in 2014 we jumped to 136 donations the number of donations show how committed the Canadian Lonewolves are to this cause.


This program allows any Canadian Lonewolves member or friend from any province, town, or city can register for a Blood Donation using our Partners for Life I.D. number.  CANA011670. We would like to see other members throughout the Provinces step up and set up donation drives in your area. We all know that we have had members, or family that has had to use the gift of life this is one way we as a riding group can give back to our communities. I have mentioned this before here in Edmonton the Lonewolves are the only riding group that is signed up to the Partners for Life. If you can help out by donating please do and sign up to one of the numbers.

Canadian Lonewolves care about saving lives, whether it be BIKERS or BABIES, we can make a DIFFERENCE.


How to become a Partner for Life Member
Thank you for your interest in joining Partners for Life! You have already taken the first step to saving
lives by choosing to donate with your organization. Now all you have to do is register.
Your PARTNER ID is: CANA011670 Here’s how to register as a Partners for Life Member.

1. Go to You will
see the site’s home page. Click on the “Join
Partners for Life” button.
2. You will have the option to join as an
organization or as a member. Click on the
“Member” button.

3. Read the instructions and have your Partner ID
ready. Click on “Sign me up to donate with
my team!”
4. Complete the form and click the “Submit”
button. You will need to enter your Partner ID
to complete the registration.
Once your form is submitted, you will be registered to donate with your organization. The form is also
available for download at under “Join”. To register offline, simply complete

the form and bring it into a clinic. If you have questions, please contact your program champion. You
only need register once, so donate often to help your organization meet its life saving goal.
Call 1 888 2 DONATE to book an appointment today!