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News by month 2022

CLW Ride For Kids w/ Cancer

09 Jul 2021 : 17:13  |  Irish  |  Misc  |   
CANADIAN LONEWOLVES July 24/21 Unity Poker Event Convocation Red Deer AB
Hello Wolfs,

I could ramble on in my own words but then I thought why not let you hear it from the people that live it. Below are some links to the Ronald MacDonald house so click on and see what they do. The cost of operating this charity is great and you don't have to give millions, thousands, or hundreds of dollars to contribute to a cause. "TIME" can be the biggest gift of all so, let's put some time in on this ride and get it back to an annual event that raises money and awareness of what this organization does for all our communities.

"Parents never expect to need a Ronald McDonald House, but we are there when families need us the most — during the serious illness or injury of a child. At least three families check into an Alberta Ronald McDonald House everyday.

RMHC Alberta alleviates the tremendous emotional, financial, and physical burdens faced by families during these difficult times."