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News by month 2022

Hi everyone, I’m the Indian rider

15 Aug 2021 : 02:30  |  Terry NPL  |  Misc  |   
Hi everyone, I’m the Indian rider that went down over the Golden Ears bridge today. Been riding dirt bikes since I was 11, I’m 52 and street bikes bikes since1989 and had 35000 Km’s on the bobber and 63000 on my last ZX9 that I still have. Have been drag racing various motorcycles since 1990.
Still alive to tell the story. Unavoidable debris in center lane across entire lane. Works truck had parked about 60-70 feet in front of object with his yellow light board lit up like a Xmas tree. First two bikes went from fast lane to slow lane as normal lane changes with lots of room in between riders. New rider leading so we weren’t going fast. As I transitioned from fast to middle lane debris showed up right in front of me. Had a second to react. Tried to hop over it but scout bobbers don’t jump too well. The object blended into the truck due to the curve of the bridge and distance the truck was in front of it . Neither of the other riders saw the object until they had passed it. Works person should have been behind the object not in front.
Did the Superman after hitting object and it slapping me in the face. Crossed the complete slow lane in the air and hit the barrier head on. Skidded a bit and ended up on my back. Riderless bike jumped over debris, go figure and wrecked out on the pipe side. It’s a write of for sure. List of injuries include 6 stitches in forehead and 6 in my chin from the contact with debris. Chipped teeth, broken nose, fractured lower back in two places 6 stitches in both knees, fractured left knee and fractured right foot. Lots of road rash on both arms and across my lower back. I was in trauma for 8 hours now in ER over night.
I wanted to share this story because I love to ride, I’m a safe rider, wasn’t doing a thing stupid, have lots of KMs under my belt. Sometimes accidents just happen. I will replace the bike and ride again. I may need to rethink my gear as I was riding with a bell half helmet that saved my life (but may need to start riding with my shoei )and jeans and short sleeve shirt that didn’t help much to protect me.
The feeling of freedom that it brings me while riding for me far out weighs the risks. I’m sore and lucky for me I’ll heal. I can’t say enough good things about the people that stopped and helped me at the scene which included my girlfriend Linda, an off duty retired fire captain, and off duty RCMP and an off duty nurse from Surrey Memorial, the paramedics that brought me in and the staff at RCH. They are amazing caring individuals.
Keep the rubber side down folks and don’t be afraid to get out and enjoy the freedom on two wheels! You won’t regret it, I know I don’t!
By The Way, they have good drugs here at RCH but I wouldn’t recommend crashing to get some lol