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Good morning everyone.
Good morning everyone. With the season of riding coming to an end, the Vancouver pack has been reflecting on an awesome year of riding.

Some members rode out to Texas, Sturgis, Port Alberni, Alberta countless weekend and weekday rides. Lots of laughs, beers and social gatherings. The memories are here forever and ours to share amongst friends.

This next year 2023 is shaping up to be just as epic and we would like to share with you what it will look like so far.

Some rides planned for 2023:

- Island Ride (May 19th - 22nd)
- Quesnel Ride (June 24th and 25th)
- Jasper/Riders Retreat Loop (July 6th - 9th)
- Armstrong/Duffy Loop (July 22nd and 23rd)
- Boogie Bash (Aug 4th - 7th)
- Rattlesnake Pass and Loop (Aug 16th - 20th)
- Port Alberni Toy Run (Sept 15th - 17th)

The reason I am sharing this with you all is, you are welcome to join us (Vancouver Pack) if you are able too. I also want to invite anyone who is interested to join us at our Meet and Greets held the 2nd last Friday of each month at Jimmy Mac's Pub in Langley on 96th Ave.

The riding season maybe over but the good times never end.

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