Happy New Year from Vancouver Island

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Happy New Years to all our bros and sisters and their families all across this great country of ours!
Happy New Years to all our bros and sisters and their families all across this great country of ours! Hope you all had a good Christmas even considering the pandemic. Ours was quiet as I’m sure most of yours were. I myself did not make it till midnight and not even the Ontario one (I’m in BC) Had a nice dinner watched a funny movie with Robert DeNero in it. Very family friendly for all ages.

It was a different year we had. Tough for packs to get together. On the island we did manage to get out for a few rides with around 8 riders. We did brown bag rides so we didn’t have to go in any restaurants. We also did the social distance thing and no hugs were allowed. The year started out normal as a few of us went over to Vancouver for the bike show and we met up with a bunch of the Vancouver pack for lunch. Good thing we took the cage as the weather wasn’t all that nice that weekend.

We had one meet and greet in Nanaimo after that and then Covid took over. There was some business from the year before that needed to be taken care of or Terry was threatening to shut down the island pack. Shortly after that we held a vote for Pack leader. Moose was voted in and he asked me to take over his position of assistant pack leader. We would like to thank Tex for leading the pack for the past few years even before I was a member. From what I was told Tex stepped up when they had needed someone to be out front and be the pack leader when no one else wanted it. Its not an easy job so again thank you for helping keep the island pack going.

Viking had made a list of Sunday rides and after very little tweaking to get away from restaurants it was posted on our facebook page. We called them banner rides as most of them started outside Vikings house where he proudly displays a Lonewolves banner during riding season. Some of the places we rode to were… the flats outside of Port Alberni, Nanaimo Ceder area, Comox, Salt Spring Island, and Mt Washington. We made the best of it. We had one meet and greet in Lantzville, out doors at a park, then one in Parksville at the Top Spot Diner who closed down to sanitize before allowing just us in where we all socially distant ourselves out. Lastly we tried a video meeting which went well although a poor turn out. Might be the way of the near future so hope we get more members interested.

We tried a couple other things this year. We held a treasure hunt for anyone who wanted to join. I was in charge and made some of the rules up as we went along. The members involved had fun and next year we will make some appropriate changes to try and keep people happy. Found out just how competitive Giggles can be. She didn’t let anyone get in her way not even her sore knee which she had operated on. Congrats Giggles on your victory! We then held a competition to guess when the first real snow fall would happen in Port Alberni. Congrats to ladybug who got it correct! We had a small amount of money in our treasury box so we decided to make a donation to a food bank in Chemainus where Viking and Ladybug live. Last year we made a donation in Port Alberni so decided we can move it around every year to towns where members live. Thank you to Viking and Lady who took care of it and to ladybug who added her winnings to it. We need to work on getting more of our members to join in even in these trying times.


So here is looking to a covid free future when we can get back out with our friends and enjoying this life we love. We wish everyone a healthy and happy new year and an early riding season where ever you live.
Be Safe Be Kind Be Calm
Moose and Flash
Vancouver Island

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